GCT: The Next Ten Years

Software traceability refers to the ability to interrelate any uniquely identifiable software engineering artifact to any other, maintain required links over time, and use the resulting network to answer questions of both the software product and its development process. Software traceability has long been recognized as an important quality of a well-engineered software system and is a required component of the approval and certification process in most safety-critical systems.

GCT 2017 participants

In 2007, a special traceability workshop was run in Slade, Kentucky and an important outcome was the report on GCT that laid out the long-term vision, “Traceability is always there, without having to think about getting it there. Traceability is neither consciously established nor sought; it is built-in and effortless.

Ten years later, the traceability community decides to bring together researchers and especially the next generation of junior faculty and student participants, again in Slade, Kentucky, to critically evaluate the state of the GCT by examining what has been achieved and what is still ahead.

Participants will look at specific open challenges and share their ideas and ongoing work. No standard conference format will be followed. Rather, rich content will be produced via strong interactive participation including student involvement.

Proceedings are available on line DOI or ARXIV

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