Call for Contributions

We invite you to participate in GCT: The Next Ten Years.

All attendees are encouraged to submit a one page (or less) structured abstract describing their traceability-related area of interest. The abstracts will be compiled into a workshop report. In particular we invite you to respond to the Grand Challenges of Traceability as defined in the following publications:

  • The quest for Ubiquity: A roadmap for software and systems traceability research.
    RE 2012: 71-80; Orlena Gotel, Jane Cleland-Huang, Jane Huffman Hayes, Andrea Zisman, Alexander Egyed, Paul Grünbacher, Giuliano Antoniol (download here)

  • Software traceability: trends and future directions.
    FOSE 2014 (@ ICSE 2014): 55-69, Jane Cleland-Huang, Orlena Gotel, Jane Huffman Hayes, Patrick Mäder, Andrea Zisman (download here)

For example, broad areas of interest as described in the two roadmap papers include:

  • Planning and Managing Traceability
  • Creating Trace Links
  • Maintaining Trace Links
  • Visualizing and Using Trace Links
  • Traceability in specific domains
  • Benchmarks and Datasets for Traceability Research

Structured Abstract

The abstract should describe one primary thrust of your prior or current work. As a goal of GCT 2017 is to assess current progress towards achieving the grand challenges, your abstract could be a summary of the primary traceability challenge you have addressed over the past 10 years, or it could describe current work you are engaged in. Either way, the abstract must be structured into the following sections:

  • Context & motivation: Situate and motivate your research by referencing one of the challenges described in either of the papers
    listed above, or some other open challenge that has not previously been described.
  • Question/problem: Formulate the specific question/problem that you have addressed or are planning on addressing.
  • Principal ideas/results: Summarize the ideas and results. State, where appropriate, your research approach and methodology.
  • Contribution: State the main contribution of your work towards the Grand Challenges.
  • Future Directions: Describe remaining and/or new challenges that need to be addressed.

All abstracts must be formatted using IEEE Conference formatting guidelines.
Abstracts should be submitted via Easy Chair.


Everyone who submits an abstract will be invited to actively participate in one (or more) of the sessions. Because we want GCT 2017 to be an active, working event, we will be limiting the length of presentations. However, everyone who submits an abstract will have the opportunity to give a short presentation, and to actively engage in the many hands-on activities planned for the event.

Proceedings are available on line DOI or ARXIV