The Grand Challenges of Traceability 2017: 10 Years Later, will take place from Friday March 31 and Saturday April 1st, 2017, in the beautiful Slade Natural Bridge State Resort Park. All events take place within walking distance of the Lodge at Natural Bridge State Park.


We plan to look at specific open challenges/ideas and to have talks around those.  We will not follow a standard conference format for the event — but we will have rich content and also strong interactive participation including student involvement.  It will be a working event and we will come away with some specific goals. The workshop will explore topics related to:

  • Theory of software traceability;
  • Traceability between artifacts and processes;
  • The semantics of traceability links;
  • Recovery of traceability links;
  • Visualization of traceability links;
  • Traceability in model-driven development;
  • Traceability in domain-specific languages;
  • Interoperable approaches to support traceability;
  • Human aspects of traceability management;
  • Traceability in emerging forms of software engineering including product lines, frameworks, components, services, etc.;
  • Empirical studies on traceability.

Specific workshop goals include:

  • Broadening awareness within the software engineering community of the potential for the application of traceability;
  • Facilitating the exchange of ideas and interaction between international researchers;
  • Defining open and key research problems faced in realizing usable tools/approach for traceability recovery and management;
  • Constructing a foundation of materials for future research on traceability.

Proceedings are available on line DOI or ARXIV