Tentative schedule:

March 30 – Thursday evening

4:00PM – 6:00 PM – GCT registration open in Lodge — afternoon/night

6:00 PM – 8:00PM – Informal reception  (light appetizers- fingerfoods) in the tavern room located immediately to the left when you walk in the Lodge.

March 31 Friday – Sessions will be held at the Woodland Center

 7:30AM – 10:30 AM – GCT registration open in Lodge — afternoon/night

Buffet opens at 7 and is open for breakfast until 10 am  – at Sandstone Arches

8:30AM – Session 1 –  Introduction:  Chair Jane Huffman Hayes

  • Welcome  and Introduction – Jane Huffman Hayes & Jane Cleland-Huang
  • Grand Challenges and Future of Software Engineering – Jane Cleland-Huang
  • Activity: What’s your challenge area? – Jane Cleland-Huang

10:00AM – Coffee/Tea Break

10:30AM – Session 2 Trace Strategizing: Session Chairs: Patrick and Nan

  • Bhushan Chitre, Jane Hayes, Alex Dekhtyar and Vivian Fong: Automated Requirements Traceability The Study of Human Experts
  • Nan Niu, Juha Savolainen, Wentao Wang and Mounifah Alenazi: Best of Both Worlds: Synthesizing the Human and Method Sides of Requirements Tracing
  • Sugandha Malviya, Michael Vierhauser and Jane Cleland-Huang: Traceability Queries and Strategies for the Requirements Engineering Domain

12:00 PM – Lunch  at Woodland Center —  We can do some hiking before starting back up in the afternoon

2:30PM – Session 3 Trace Link Creation and Evolution: Session Chairs: Giulio and Jin

  • Yu Zhao, Tarannum Shaila Zaman, Tingting Yu and Jane Huffman Hayes: Using Deep Learning to Improve the Accuracy of Requirements to Code Traceability
  • Jane Hayes, Giuliano Antoniol, Licong Cui and Tingting Yu: Too Little for Big Data?
  • Mounifah Alenazi, Nan Niu, Wentao Wang and Birgit Vogel-Heuser: Traceability for Evolving Automated Production Systems
  • Jin Guo, Jinghui Cheng and Jane Cleland-Huang: Semantically Enhanced Software Traceability Using Deep Learning Techniques
  • Mona Rahimi and Jane Celand-Huang: Evolving Requirements to Source Code Trace Links in Safety-Critical Domain
  • Bonita Sharif: How Eye Tracking Benefits Software Traceability

Session format:Paper Presentations (30 minutes) + Q&A (5 minutes), Open Discussion (50 minutes). For each paper, speakers will have 5 minutes to include the following content (not necessarily in this order):

  1. what’s the cool idea in this talk;
  2. why this is cool, or what is the motivation;
  3. one or more claims/questions/challenges in the area of Trace Link Creation and Evolution.

After that, we will invite the audience to participate in open discussions. We would like to cover a wide range of topics, such as what are the promising future research directions towards achieving specific research goals in this area, what are the stumbling blocks and difficulties, and how do we advance this area as a community. We also welcome ideas that have not been explored in previous papers or the presentations.

4:00PM –  Break

4:30PM – Session 4 Trace Link Usage: Session Chairs: Markus and Bonita

  • Micayla Goodrum, Ronald Metoyer and Jane Cleland-Huang: Improving Usability of Safety Critical Requirements Traceability
  • David Farrar, Jane Hayes, Gabrielle Adkins Adkins, James Griffioen and Cody Bumgardner: NetSecOps and Policy Checking: An Application of Traceability Techniques
  • Sahar Kokaly: Trace Links and Their Use in Automotive Software Safety Assessment

6:00PM – Wrap-up and summary of the day

6:30PM – Social gathering at Sandstone Arches

7:00PM – Dinner at Sandstone Arches

 April 1Saturday – Sessions will be held at the Woodland Center

Buffet opens at 7 and is open for breakfast until 10 am – at Sandstone Arches

8:30AM – Session 5 –  Real-World Applications of Traceability:  Chairs Michael and Sahar

  • Markus Borg: Traceability and Deep Learning – Safety-critical Systems with Traces Ending in Deep Neural Networks
  • Michael Vierhauser, Jane Cleland-Huang, Rick Rabiser and Paul Grünbacher: Establishing Trace-Links for Runtime Diagnosis Support in System of Systems
  • Patrick Mader: Benefits and Challenges of Software Traceability in Development Projects

10:00AM – Coffee/Tea Break

10:30AM – Session 6 Benchmarks and data: Session Chairs: Carlos and Mona

  • Panel discussion

12:00 PM – Lunch  at Woodland Center

1:00PM – Session 7 Group working: Toward the Trace utopia

2:00PM – Reporting back

2:30PM –  Break

3:00PM Closing remarks, wrap-up: Toward the Trace utopia

4:00PM –    Group hike on a Park trail for those who are interested

6:00PM – Social gathering and dinner at Sandstone Arches